Milron remains open and operational with enhanced protocols in place for sanitation, social distancing, and security. To accommodate today’s “new world”, our front door is locked, we have some staff working from home and the overall employees on site have been reduced for the safety of all employees and to assist those people who are needing to be at home to support their family during this stressful time.

In this unprecedented situation, we understand that our customers require our products to keep their fleets going as many provide essential services.

Our team is meeting continuously to evaluate company operations, as well as to closely monitor communications from our provincial and federal governments

to ensure we comply with the latest safety and protective measures.

But the customers and the trucks keep getting dropped off!

Thank you to our employees and customers that we are counting on and count on us to keep things rolling.

Here is 1 of a new round 2020 Chevrolet heavy-duty trucks in for a custom steel Milron deck

Let’s live in love, not fear!

Curt Thompson

President, Milron