Our team at Milron is looking to partner with select vendors or dealers across Canada and the USA. We are very keen on making sure each Milron re-seller or distributor has their unique area, that is not over-dealered allowing each to hold a good margin allowing them to build the Milron brand and provide great service to our mutual customers.

Milron currently has a Ford drop ship code, we will be announcing a General Motors drop ship code shortly. We are working with RAM on receiving a drop-ship code and becoming a pool stock or bailment pool for one of the 3 domestic manufacturers also.

Milron’s team is working hard “Re-setting” the standard on each product we build. Our team is working on producing the highest quality aluminum service truck bodies in the industry and we will only have a certain number of key dealers in key spots.

We look forward to discussing with you how our products might fit in with your business and help you better serve your customers with a Milron product.