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The courage of thinking differently

Cobra service cranes have the strength of the original.

They are designed and built starting from scratch rather than looking or taking inspirations from the existing products. That is why they look and are totally different and out stand above the other similar products.

The boom system is made of one piece of high tensile, Swedish steel with a single robot-made weld bead. This, combined with the famous hexagonal shape, gives the boom an exceptional strength and structural integrity, yet with cranes dead weights lower than any other manufacturer.

Cobra service cranes are built since 1996 and have a proven track record operating in the hottest temperatures of the Australian desert mines, to the coldest oil fields of northern Canada.

Double hydraulic extending models have the extension cylinders inside the boom system, fully protected in any circumstances.

All the above make Cobra Service Cranes beautifully designed, yet incredibly reliable.

Cobra service cranes are remotely operated by cable or radio remote control.

A fixed display enables the operator to carry on normal, safety checks, and diagnostics. Choice of DC electric winches or high quality, fast, planetary hydraulic winches.

Models from 5000 lbs. capacity upwards feature an unlimited continuous slewing motion, so that positioning during service brings no worries.

Important additional safety features of the Cobra range are:

  • anti-two block and empty drum wire rope stop
  • non –rotating,high tensile winch wire ropes
  • overcenter valves on every cylinder
  • oversized and nitrated boom pins – distortion-free
  • polymeric wire rope sheaves – do not rust, seize and damage the winch wire rope.
Cobra Cranes in Edmonton