Milron 8 Series Base Model Starting as low as $12,999.00
Standard 8 Series Features
The base model comes equipped with enough features for to suit most customers needs; its also extremely customizable to suit everyones wants.
Preset 8 Series Configurations
Non-Standard Options
8 Series Option Selector
Customize your 8 Series service body to your heart's content. Milron offers a wide variety of options to suit anybody's needs. Maybe there should be some more text here, I'm not entirely sure. This would ideally be where the interactive 3D model would be when that is available.
The Standard option tailgate is 12″ tall and includes a slam latch for closing, matching whale tail style handles and long lasting aluminium billet hinges.
The upgraded tall tailgate is 24″ tall, includes a slam latch for closing, matching whale tail style handles and billet aluminum long life hinges.
NOTE The tall tailgate is required for the Truck Cover USA Heavy Duty rolling bed cover.
Short Tailgate
Made in the USA by Truck Cover USA, this custom fit cover is all you need to secure your cargo area from the elements and keep people out of your galley area. We install this at the Milron factory at the time of your build. Tough enough you can stand on it.
For More information vist the Truck Cover USA website.
No Bed Cover
Whether you use your truck for work or play, a great way to protect your investment is with a great looking, maintenance free Armaguard Sprayed Bedliner. The Armaguard bedliner offers permanent corrosion protection, a durable scratch resistant coating, sure-footed safe traction, prevention of load shift, noise reduction and vibration dampening.
Armaguard hot spray lining on galley floor only and two inches up walls on all three sides, with a thickness of ⅛″. Includes the tailgate face on both tall and short tailgates.
Armaguard hot spray lining on galley floor and upwalls on all three sides, ⅛″ thick. Includes the tailgate face for both the tall and short tailgates.
No Bedlining in Galley
In Cabinet LED light package six in cabinet lights, four in galley lights, two LED strip lights in the overhead tilt top bins and light duty galley wall tie down points.
Here is a complete work truck light package for safety and working at night. Includes a GO light that is remote control to light up where you are planning to work, twin adjustable LED lights and a WHALEN flashing, four-sided rectangular beacon. You will be seen and be safe with this package, installed at the Milron factory.
1000w pure sine line inverter, cleanest power for recharging and computer or sensitive electronics installed in cabinet driver's side wheel well, installed. Includes remote switch from truck cab to activate or deactivate the inverter.
Protect your window and I guess also your passengers with Milron's laser cut aluminum powder coated headache rack.
Ultimate ladder rack, 8′ long, holds ladders up to 12′ long and xxx Wide. Comes with plastic slides on top to make loading and unloading easy including roller on the back. Features built in “J” hooks for you chains or cables, extension cords etc. Made in aluminum and powdercoated black for a long life.
If what you need heavy-duty, then this is the clear choice. 1500lbs carrying capacity on the twin rail design. Plus overhead storage above your cab that is 40″* deep (*check specs). Made in aluminum to carry what you need, powdercoated to protect it for years to come. Makes a statement you are serious about your truck and your business!
No Overhead Rack
8 Series Color Options
Ride in style. Milron provides so many color options; Milron actually provides THE MOST color options in the World! What can I say, its gonna be HUUUGE!
Body Powder Coated Standard Milron White
White Powder Coated Shelves
Milron all come standard with anti-slip grip plates to ensure the safety of our customers no matter their circumstances.
Bumper in White Powder Coat
Black Handles with Black Buckets
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Heavy-Duty Black Injection Moulded Flares Jet Black <big class=⅜″ Laser-Cut Injection Moulded Flares" width="1792" height="1024" style="display:none;">