“Be uncommon”, these are words we aim to live by at Milron. Why should we do anything the way it was done before? Or the way someone else does it? How can we be innovative if we lack the courage to change?

Milron provides outstanding service to our customers through engaging our team in a safe environment with great environment and great processes. This is done through repeat-ability “every day, each time without fail, no exceptions!” Without our passionate, service-oriented team, we would not be able to push the entire industry to the next level.

When we say “Re-Setting” The Standard, the team at Milron means it!

This involves “Re-Setting” the industry in 6 key areas:

Safety, Quality, Materials, Experience, Innovation, and Technology


“Re-Setting” the standard in the wire harness department ensures that we provide a consistent and accurate product for our clients.

We take our wiring harnesses at Milron seriously. Wire processing with speed and accuracy was on the top of our list at Milron when our team started looking for new equipment.

Schaefer’s SAM1 allows Milron to produce over 1000’ of wire per minute with accurate cutting and stripping. This our wiring team to ensure exact cut lengths and stripping in multiple locations on a single wire according to our needs. This allows the Telsonic machine to have accurate input wire lengths again allowing our team to build an accurate wiring harness from scratch.