“Be uncommon”, these are words we aim to live by at Milron. Why should we do anything the way it was done before? Or the way someone else does it? How can we be innovative if we lack the courage to change?

Milron provides outstanding service to our customers through engaging our team in a safe environment with great environment and great processes. This is done through repeat-ability “every day, each time without fail, no exceptions!” Without our passionate, service-oriented team, we would not be able to push the entire industry to the next level.

When we say “Re-Setting” The Standard, the team at Milron means it!

This involves “Re-Setting” the industry in 6 key areas:

Safety, Quality, Materials, Experience, Innovation, and Technology


Milron is fully committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, it is our number one core value and is represented through our culture and our commitment to our people. We work to continuously develop and improve the safety principles that support all of our operations and we strive to set safety behaviors and goals surpassing any legislative requirement. Our Health and Safety program illustrates our promise to not only protect our employees, but also protect our subcontractors, suppliers, associates, visitors and the general public from hazards that may be present.

Providing safety leadership is a fundamental part of our business, we will continually improve our processes, demonstrate leadership and promote safety in everything we do. Milron is committed to being a leader in safety training and keeping our employees well informed and up to date on current safety trends, safety issues and changes in rules and regulations. Active participation in the Milron safety program by everyone, everyday, in every job, is necessary and expected to achieve and maintain the level of safety excellence outlined in our health & safety program.

Milron is “re-setting” the standard in the industry, we take great pride in what we do and encourage our employees to identify and drive continuous improvement in our journey to remain world class.