“Be uncommon”, these are words we aim to live by at Milron. Why should we do anything the way it was done before? Or the way someone else does it? How can we be innovative if we lack the courage to change?

Milron provides outstanding service to our customers through engaging our team in a safe environment with great environment and great processes. This is done through repeat-ability “every day, each time without fail, no exceptions!” Without our passionate, service-oriented team, we would not be able to push the entire industry to the next level.

When we say “Re-Setting” The Standard, the team at Milron means it!

This involves “Re-Setting” the industry in 6 key areas:

Safety, Quality, Materials, Experience, Innovation, and Technology

MILLER PerformArc PA-1100SS

At the heart of our manufacturing plant, you will find many modern “State of the Art” machines that hold exacting tolerances and ensure each body will be the same as the next one. Milron’s team decided that the best way to provide high-quality welds and to maximize the production ensuring repeat-ability of our high-volume welded parts would be to use a Miller robotic welding cell.

With dual 11’ wide indexing tables we have the choice to either weld up to 11’ wide items or we can stage and fixture multiple single items at a time. With the second table waiting for the first one to finish welding, this continuous load/unload process allows for uninterrupted production. Milron’s Miller welding robot welds approximately 4’ per min and can weld non stop as long as parts are loaded.

The Miller PerformArc PA-1100SS system is a fully assembled custom robotic welding work cell. It consists of a Panasonic six-axis electric robot, fully integrated with a head and tailstock positioner on each side of the robot. The robot and positioners are both mounted to a common frame. A complete welding system is provided, all from Miller Welding Automation, including a robot, controller, welder, and indexing servo positioner.

Milron’s partnership with Miller Welding Canada is one asset each of our customers gets to utilize when you have a product manufactured with us. One more way that we are “Re-Setting” the standard at Milron.