At Milron Metal we are bringing continuous innovation to the world of metal fabrication. Everyday we work with pioneers, visionaries, engineers and creators to produce everything from the simple to elaborate, small to expansive. This has given us the capabilities, know-how and courage to take on projects and efficiently deliver solutions beyond our client’s expectations in a range of industries.



As a precision metal fabrication company in Edmonton, Alberta, we serve companies across many different industries providing tube processing, laser cutting, punching, bending & forming, machining, CMT, MIG, TIG, & robotic welding, machining, tube laser, powder coating, box liners, and product assembly. We combine in-house design and engineering capabilities with our highly automated machinery and highly trained & dedicated personnel, allowing us to create and manufacture virtually any shape or design of a product. Because of the state-of-the art technology we use you can be confident that each piece will show pure craftsmanship, and make sure that you’re fully satisfied.

We guarantee sterling quality and total customer satisfaction on our custom welds and more. At Milron Metal Fabricators we believe in providing a product and service that builds lasting relationships with our clients. Satisfaction of our clients is the most important part of our business. Our manufacturing process is unmatched, and our welders are the best of the best.

Whatever your custom metal fabrication requirements, we have the services available to get the job done. If you’re looking to consolidate your manufacturing in one location, you can easily optimize your costs, receive higher quality parts and be certain to receive your products on-time. We’ll do it all for you, just say the word.